Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Watching Dead Mid-Season Finale Party @ Shakespeare's 2015-11-29

It was time for the mid-season finale of The Watching Dead, so I packed up my drawing supplies and made my way over to Shakespeare's Bar & Grill. Antho came dressed as Carl and my good friend Kaity joined us at my table for the event. As always,  we had a blast! We're grateful to Shakespeare's for hosting us, the cast of Evil Dead the Musical for doing trivia and giveaways, and FatBeard for organising and promoting the event and inviting us to attend. As I was so busy drawing I didn't really get to take any photos, all credit goes to team FatBeard! 

This adorable duo came out just to get their zombie caricatures! I'm always supremely flattered to hear that my drawings inspired someone to get out and about~ thanks guys! Aren't they cute? They won the costume contest with their Gotham ensembles!

Ancho did pretty well, too, winning us these Pop! figures of Walking Dead characters!

The adorable Gotham couple shared my drawing on Instagram not long after the event! 
I'm so glad they're happy with it! ^_^
If you'd like to get zombie-fied, too, feel free to drop me a line!
I won't bite. ;)


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