Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kyoto Day 2- Part 5 - Kaiseki dinner

While ambling around the many winding alleyways that connect the streets of Kyoto, I was finding myself at a loss as to where to eat. I had read about several restaurants online but my attempts to actually locate them in reality were proving fruitless. Perhaps sensing my growing hunger and rising frustration, a smiling chef approached me with a menu in hand. Though they had not officially opened for the evening just yet, the chef was kind enough to lead me to his restaurant anyway and proceeded to cook a multi-course kaiseki meal for me with his kind wife who helped him. It was an incredible experience, one I'll always be immensely grateful and thankful for. The food may look simple but that's a large part of it's allure! Without overly complicated combinations of ingredients, the attention to detail and freshness shines with the unfettered presentation. It was an exceptional meal and as I was the only diner at this early time of night it felt more personal and intimate. When I went to leave, both of them wished me safe travels and bid me well, but the wife walked me to the door and asked to take a photo together. 

Maybe not my best angle ever, but it was more about capturing the moment than trying to model. I hope they are both well and I will always be grateful that they were kind enough to start dinner prep early to feed a hungry wanderer.