Friday, February 17, 2012

Truth is...

I've officially been in Japan for four months now. What in the name of valhalla does this mean?

I have eaten horse meat and fish sperm [shirako], I have drawn over 2,000 people- including celebrities and comedians and in between those adventures I've wandered the streets of Tokyo- sometimes in a group and sometimes solo. I have felt many earthquakes and seen the vestigial reminders of the big one from last year. I've heard stories from people who were living here when it happened and seen many of the repairs still underway.

The condensation of all I've seen thus far has been this;
Life is relatively simple...until it's not anymore.
I need very few things to actually enjoy myself.
The generosity and resilience of the Japanese are things to be admired; things to learn from.
It is beautiful to see my perfectionism mirrored at large by a culture. I enjoy this immensely.
Enjoy every minute detail in every moment because you never know.
Take joy in a beautifully prepared meal,
the laughter of friends,
the supple slip of silk against skin,
the breath of fire, the gust of cold,
because these are all aspects of being alive...something we won't be forever.

I have no regrets in my life; I live, I love, I learn.

I'm proud of my humanity. I intend to explore it as fully as my unknown lifespan allows.