Friday, January 18, 2013

Japan: The ふね (boat) party

      Every so often my fortunes align in such a way as to facilitate my being able to indulge in an experience that I had been curious about. When I'm exceptionally lucky some of the people I like will join me for the adventure. The stars aligned appropriately enough and I found myself rushing through stations in heels hoping to catch THE train I needed. Never one to over budget my time, I am perpetually running for highly-anticipated events at the last possible moment.

Japan: Takaosan, 高尾山

          Somewhere around 7 am my phone's buzzing rouses me into foggy awareness. Stumbling in the early morning light I force myself to mow down a banana and scramble into excessive layers of warming clothes; no time for coffee. Rushing out to the reliable taxi post I'm catapulted forward as Fuji stands stoic in the distance. His snow-capped head glistens.