Sunday, February 25, 2018

Art: February 2018 Ice-dye round two and exciting announcment

In yesterday's post I showed a behind-the-scenes batch where we applied the dye directly to the shirts as opposed to our usual method. These, however, are not those shirts. The results of those will be up tomorrow! Sorry for the wait, but we have so many shirts being produced these days that it's hard to keep up with them all. As I write this there's a stack of at least 15 pre-washed shirts waiting for their final rinse so that we can model them and get them up into the shop. We also recently took a big batch of shirts over to the Bubblegum Galley here in Vegas, where we're now having our first public brick and mortar shop! While the gallery doesn't have set opening hours, they host a wide variety of classes and events throughout the week and are open during Las Vegas's big monthly art event, First Friday. The Bubblegum gallery is conveniently located in the Arts District and is a short walk or Uber ride (or you could rent a bike!) from where the main First Friday event goes down. We're pretty excited, if you can't tell. 

The gallery is a super cool space full of creepy-cute artwork, jewelry, even taxidermy! Antho was super stoked that he was able to recognise a preserved rabbit's head before reading the label... While I'm not so keen on the taxidermy, myself, I can respect the skill and craft involved in making it and give my props to the artist. We'll be hosting some classes of our own soon, and hope to see you there! You can follow along with the class schedule here on the Eventbrite page. We are super duper excited to be part of a gallery showing and to have 710Visuals out there with a store presence. We love sharing our creations with people, but mostly it's been through Instagram and Facebook or our Etsy shop. This has been great, and I'm so happy you're here on my blog reading this! Tie-dye has been such a joy for us and has truly been the light in the dark for me at some points. Life is hard, and sometimes it can be monotonous or depressingly difficult, but tie-dye will always surprise and delight me with the vibrant colours and infinite folds. Hopefully posts like this can help pass along some of that joy to you, too. For now, here's a behind the scenes peek at how we go about some of our craft at our home studio. 

More photos below!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Art: February 2018 Ice dye round one

We're always creating, churning out new designs and experimenting with new techniques and color combinations. Tie-dye has been illuminating for us, and it's become something we do whenever the opportunity avails itself to us. We've really been cranking out an outstanding amount of product these last few months compared to some of the earlier days. This may have something to do with the fact that I've been trying to push towards buying in bulk more so that we have ample back stock ready to experiment with instead of ordering piecemeal one item at a time. Having such an abundance of blank canvases at our disposal stoked something in our creative fires and the results have been great fun! Unfortunately, I'd say our current store inventory is a bit uneven, to say the least, and we're working at expanding our options in all the sizes available so that none of you lovely rainbow-loving folks out there will be left out.  We've made shirts for infants up to 6XL and want to continue branching out! We recently made several 2XL/3XL tee dresses that have been doing really well, so we'll definitely be making more of those for the coming summer months! Plus size girls and boys deserve to feel like the gorgeous beings they are, right? No matter what your clothing size, everyone deserves to feel beautiful and to have options available to them. While searching for plus-size items to add to our shop I've been surprised at the lack of diversity! Trying to find a v-neck shirt alone has been challenging after a certain size, and that's not fair. I'll keep looking because it's our job as creators of clothes to try to ensure we have a little something for everyone, in my humble opinion. 

With some of these shirts, we tried something a little different. Normally we apply the dyes over the ice, letting the melting ice saturate the dye and drip it down onto the top. This creates a more abstract, space-like, water-colour sort of effect that we've enjoyed greatly. For this batch we went dye straight on the fabric, as this can allow a bit more control over the colour distribution. The photos here are just of the process, to see the results of how the dye-direct batch turns out you'll have to check back tomorrow! But for now, enjoy the photos of our tie-dye behind the scenes. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Vegas: Ethel M. Lights of Love 2018

The Ethel M. Lights of Love event at Las Vegas's own chocolate factory is a limited time shindig and will, unfortunately, already be closed for the year upon the publishing of this post. By limited time I mean severely limited, lasting only ONE week, and they close it up at 8pm! That's right, from February 7th through the 14th the cactus garden outside of the chocolate factory will be open to the public, completely free, to enjoy the beautiful romance themed lights. We went to check it out more or less immediately after our adventure at Sunset park photographing some of our tie-dye and hanging out with the local wildlife. We were surprised by how sparse the crowds were, considering, and enjoyed our stroll through the grounds. We did pop over to the factory for our pieces of free chocolate, however the actual factory area was mostly under construction as they reconfigure their manufacturing processes a bit. We didn't spend too long here as the grounds themselves aren't very expansive, and it was pretty chilly for the boys. I found a onesie in the van and slipped into that to heat up, but the boys were limited to jackets. If you're feeling a bit of deja vu with this post, it's probably because we went to the Ethel M Cactus Gardens not too long ago for their Christmas lights. I, personally, still like to call them illuminations because that sounds more romantic to me, but they're whatever you want them to be. Either way, the lights are lovely to look at and fun to photograph. We weren't the only ones with a camera out as I think there was an engagement photoshoot or something going on, too. A trio of photogs with their tripods out and ready were dutifully chasing a cute couple around the grounds, occasionally offering suggestions or asking for them to make some adjustments. Everyone was courteous and scooted around trying not to interrupt anyone else's photos or strolls, which was nice. It's not hard to see why a romantic photoshoot would be so apt here! If you happen to be in the area around next Valentine's day, this is certainly something to consider checking out. You can always buy a hot chocolate in the gift shop to warm up, and don't forget your mints lovebirds!

More photos below!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Vegas: Sunset Park Winter Tie-Dye photoshoot

Sunset park should be a familiar sight for any Vegas resident who's opted to spend time outdoors more than a couple of times. It's one of our larger parks and is located conveniently close to McCarran International airport on the corner of Eastern Avenue and Sunset Road. There's a wide variety of events that are held in the park throughout the year and it's a popular spot for families and youngsters to escape to. Back when I was in college I'd roll up with my iced Americano and a book, happy to spend a few hours sprawled out on a blanket beneath a tree reading. These days we like to watch the geese and crank out some work while we're there, photographing an assortment of our newest tie-dye creations while out. Our good friend Ceedro joined us for this outing, kindly modelling some of our shirts and showing off his juggling skills in the process.  Whether you've been to Sunset park for Ren Fair, the Holi Festival of Color,  or for a pleasant day of recreation (you can event rent bikes or sports equipment on park grounds!) by the man-made lake, Sunset park has a little something for everyone. There's a less developed area of the park for hiking that lets you marvel at the bounty of wildlife the desert can support, because believe it or not there's over 200 different plant species proliferating the area! There's also a rabbit overpopulation problem sweeping through the valley, which means that you've got a pretty good chance of spotting a fluffy little interloper bobbing across the park at some point. We saw one big fat happy thing in the greens over behind where Ceedro is juggling above. It's no surprise they'd profligate in this park as there's lot of lush green areas during the warmer this time of year the grass is on the yellower side, but I'm sure there's still plenty for the little foragers to nibble on. Ducks and geese also abound, and during the spring it's not unusual to find an array of different bird's nests tucked away among the branches of trees. All in all we had a wonderful day at the park! We made friends with some bees and I was even able to pet a goose! He walked right up to me and gracefully allowed me a gentle stroke of his back. Lovely! Most geese are little terrors, aren't they?

More photos below!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Art: More January 2018 ice-dye

Another day, another tie-dye. I suppose some people might consider it tedious work by this point, but for us it's a continual process of experimentation and discovery.  There's always new folds, new colour combinations, new alchemy to uncover. No matter how many times we've dyed there's always something new cropping up, some fun new melt, something to uncover. It always seems photogenic, to me, though I guess our viewers might have their opinions about such matters. Both +Antho Jay  and I have been pretty happy with our most recent batches of creations, and as each new batch is a further step in our journey of learning and creating, I like to imagine they keep getting better as we go.  We've been experimenting with applying the dye powder directly to the fabric and then applying the ice recently, in an effort to create more precise colour patterns and lines. We haven't been unhappy with the result- and we've had a couple of items come out that we were really excited about. I'll be posting about the reveal for those when the time comes, but for now please enjoy these photos of our behind the scenes creation process for our tie-dye. We're always trying new colours and techniques and though I've posted about our tie-dye many, many times in the past I can honestly say I don't feel that it's something that will ever become redundant due to the infinite methods for creation and combination available to us.  We recently invested in a big bulk box of shirts so that we could try to create whenever the impulse struck, and I've been very very pleased with the outcome of that. We've been making tie-dye on a nearly daily basis now and trying things we might not have otherwise delved into if we didn't have such a backlog of bounty to experiment with available. While Google might say otherwise, that's their problem. We love making tie-dye and are happy to share it with the world. We hope you enjoy our colourful creations! Plenty more photos will proliferate below, so enjoy the colourful alchemy occurring below. Cheers.