Friday, January 18, 2013

Japan: The ふね (boat) party

      Every so often my fortunes align in such a way as to facilitate my being able to indulge in an experience that I had been curious about. When I'm exceptionally lucky some of the people I like will join me for the adventure. The stars aligned appropriately enough and I found myself rushing through stations in heels hoping to catch THE train I needed. Never one to over budget my time, I am perpetually running for highly-anticipated events at the last possible moment.

     I made it. After standing around nervously chatting on the pier, we boarded our aquatic vessel and set out for the sight-seeing tour.

     If my recollection serves correctly, we set out from Kachidoki. Our vessel had an outdoor observation deck on the top, which is where I spent the majority of my time.

     Free beer and snacks meant I filled my belly and spent a fair amount of the evening heckling the cute English-speaking waiter boy for more beer...when I wasn't chatting up various members of the company or snapping ample photos of the gorgeous view, of course.

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