Monday, December 14, 2015

Critical Care Comics Hospital Visit 2015/12/12

On a cold and gloomy December day, an unlikely team of heroes quietly gathered in front of UMC Children's Hospital in the Las Vegas valley to battle the forces of sadness and evil!
Taking on a couple of side-kicks in the form of FatBeard & your's truly, our mission was to bring some fun to the hospital-bound kiddos' day. 
I've discussed my work with Critical Care Comics before, but this was the first time I was invited to tag along on a hospital visit. It was a great honour and privilege to take part in their work and seeing the excitement the heroes and comic books inspired was wonderful! Wonder Woman was a surprise hit, with multiple fans proclaiming her as their favourite, much to Batsy & Spidey's chagrin. ;) 

Spider-Man keeping a watchful eye as I work on this drawing of a young Star Wars fan. 

We made sure he got lots of Star Wars comics! He was even watching Return of the Jedi when we popped in. ^_^ Everyone bonded over our excitement for the new movie while I drew. Not only did he get a nice big stack of comics donated by many lovely individuals, the lucky guy got to go home later that same day! Right on! Now he can catch all 3 showings of Star Wars that he had tickets for!

This sweetie was so shy! Her mom told us she had eagerly awaited the heroes visit and she was especially thrilled to have Wonder Woman visit her personally! 

The heroes were familiar with this giraffe, named Dina, and always stop for a photo. Glad I got to join the tradition! Ancho always jokes that I'm his giraffe. ^_^

This little fella was a bit intimidated with everyone in his room, but opened up when it was just us and his mum. He loved Spidey and it was my privilege to give him the web-slinger's powers in caricature!

Drawing away while Batman supervises. 

FatBeard was in charge of handing out the comic books, ensuring the fun didn't end when the heroes left the building!

Happy fella! It was his first time ever getting his caricature done. ^_^

Another successful mission completed!
I'll be joining the crew on future visits as my performance was well received. Not many people can say they've gotten a seal of approval from Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and Batman! My inner child is quite happy to know that I'm lucky enough to team up with some of my favourite heroes growing up. Everything Critical Care Comics does is meant to bring smiles to the faces of kids who need them the most, which is the epitome of heroism in my eyes. Thank you so much for letting me participate, guys. It's my honour. 


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