Monday, December 7, 2015

Japan: Winter vibes 2011

Having recently acquired my beloved Mamachari, it was time to do some exploring!

Baby Castela cakes!
There was usually a very old man running the little stall where the cakes were made and sold. 

Zoltan pointed this out to me.
He was impressed by the attention to detail and the sweetness of such a simple image. There was no need to include it in the construction of the bridge, but isn't it a lovely sentiment? Just a small boy tending to his flowers~

Fuck YEAH!
Unexpected Americana in a small corner of Japan. o_O
Are the residents American?
Japanese with a profound fondness for America?
I bet there's a great story there, whatever the case.

One of the three temples in Urayasu, I believe.

Small residential businesses like these were tucked away in many of the corners near Urayasu station. Riding my bike through the narrow streets I encountered all sorts of businesses and friendly vendors I'd never have thought to search for off the main roads.

Urayasu library~ this reading room was full of skylights and opened into a small outdoor area. There was a small cafe that offered simple dishes, like pasta with a shoyu-butter mushroom dressing and coffee drinks during operating hours. A small vending machine served as back up for times when the cafe was closed, or if you wanted a cheaper beverage. 

Tiny noodle place!

Photos circa 2011-12-21

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