Sunday, December 6, 2015

Japan: Urayasu station & Indian grub

Urayasu station was about equidistant with Shin-Urayasu station from my residence, so I split my time between the two "local" stations quite a bit, while Maihama was heavily associated with work and more likely to be a stop on my way home as opposed to a day off venture. 

On this lovely winter day, my friend & coworker Zoltan and I decided to explore a bit together. His residence was closer to Urayasu station, so we agreed to have dinner there.

Kushi-age! Tasty nibbles skewered on a wooden stick then deep-fried to crunchy perfection. 

Sparx, because getting hyper while getting drunk isn't just an American thing. Looking at those prices I'm sad. XD Only $1.70 a can! 

Cheesing in front of one of the many Pachinko Parlors throughout the area.

With the doors closed you'd almost miss the cacophony of chaos within.

I opted for the Ladies' plate, with two entrees (Butter Chicken & Tikka Masala, I believe?) with a giant piece of naan bread, salad, rice, and yogurt. 

Look at that big old glorious hunk of carbs!

Zoltan's plate, with additional bits of savory grilled meat. 

A Disney owned photo booth that advertises taking photos with your pet. Because surely Fido would love being dragged into a tiny photo booth for photos ^^;

Ahh, so that's where the Disney branding comes in...

Corn potage in a can, anyone?

Or how about some nice ice cream from this ice cream vending machine in front of a Tsutaya? 
Ever heard of Tsutaya? They're pretty neat! You can rent movies or buy books, comics, magazines, etc. It's a great all-in-one stop for your J-media culture needs! A cross between Borders, Blockbuster and an otaku shop….kinda wishing we had one in my hometown!

Another lovely day in the neighborhood~


photos circa 2011-12-20

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