Sunday, October 11, 2015

Japan: What I ate & what was in my fridge 2012-10-12

From left to right, clockwise:
そばつゆ:soba tsuyu, soy sauce & dashi based dipping sauce,
ざるそば:zaru soba, cold soba noodles
めかぶ: mekabu, slimy seaweed salad 
たこさしみ:tako sashimi, cold fresh slice of lightly-parboiled octopus w/soy sauce & wasabi
つけもの:tsukemono, mixed vegetable pickles

This is what the interior of my fridge looked like… lots and lots of vegetables, sauces, juice, etc.

And for dinner; rare steak with tomato salad and toasty potatoes. 

What did you have today? :) 

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