Saturday, October 10, 2015

Japan: Lazy day in Urayasu & brief Harajuku visit 2012-10-11

Due to the demands of my job, I was often worn out and exhausted by the time my weekend rolled around. This meant that my first day off usually centered around cleaning, shopping, running errands and relaxing. On this particular rest day, I had a leisurely venture around Urayasu to appreciate some of the local architecture before making my way into Harajuku to shop at the resale store Kinji. Resale shops are essentially Japan's take on thrift stores! I originally discovered Kinji from the article on Tokyocheapo and looked forward to scoping it out. There are a wide array of shops selling clothing for various prices, some exorbitant and some shockingly cheap, so there's going to be options whatever your budget!

More photos after the cut!

I really, really like the simplicity of this entryway. Beautifully detailed wooden doors slide open to reveal their front door, or slide shut to provide privacy while still allowing light to filter through and illuminate the path. 

Lovely shingled roof on this old home.

Then there's this rusty little place. I love the vines growing along the right side of the building!

A small playground tucked into a corner of a residential area.

Fruit tree of some kind?

This fountain was tucked away in an alleyway in Harajuku, next to several high-end hair salons and retail shops.

Tokyo Plaza and it's trippy mirrored entryway surrounded by Tokyo traffic. These streets can get really crowded!

Fall-themed sweets. :)

Eep! I often took screen shots of earthquake activity in an effort to document it when it occurred..

And in case you're curious about what I picked up on my sojourn to Kinji, here's my Harajuku haul video showing off my finds!

Enjoy my goofiness ^_^

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