Tuesday, July 21, 2015

San Francisco Nob Hill & Chinatown

After our time exploring Japantown, we walked up along Nob Hill and over to Chinatown. It was quite a walk for us Vegas kids, used to our flat valley terrain, but we triumphed!

Tagged up cars were an art form of their own here.

So many pretty buildings here!

We found this creepy little corridor darting between two buildings.

Hello Kitty car!

Seen that building in a movie or two.

Kowloon was the name of a neighborhood in Hong Kong near where I stayed!


  1. wow love the buildings :) and that car is cute!

    1. The architecture there was beautiful, I really enjoyed it and I am SO glad I caught a photo of that car before it drove away! Thanks for your stopping by, have a great day!