Monday, July 20, 2015

San Francisco Japantown

From our hotel we were able to walk to Japantown easily as it's roughly a mile or so away. 

Having spent several years living in Japan I was really excited to explore the area! Check out my photos below.

The tower is one of the things you notice first during approach as it's unique shape stands out among the surrounding buildings. Designed by Yoshiro Taniguchi, the tower was a gift from the people of Osaka. Neat, huh? Find out more on Wikipedia.

We found onigiri (rice balls)!

Inspecting his selection, an unagi (savory grilled sea eel) onigiri!

Good choice!

One of my choices, along with a tuna mayo onigiri. 

The Japan Center shopping center is divided into two areas, the West Mall and the East Mall which flank the pagoda on either side. 

Daiso! A fun dollar store from Japan.

A medley of awkward not-quite-knock-off characters and references here…but you get the gist.

We're dorks.

Found an arcade!

With a Pika-pod!

Seriously, it's a pika…pod...

Taiko no tatsujin!!! I love this game. It's geared towards smaller children but it's really fun. Rhythm taiko drumming game. The sticks are as big around as hot dogs! As you play the screen is full of all sorts of fun cartoons and the music selection is silly.

We went two player on this one.


To give you an idea of the sheer scale of the Pikapod. 

Restaurant row, you say? Hmm...

Yay! Plastic food models! This area reminded me of some of the food courts or halls you'll find throughout Japan. I always love me some soba, that's for sure.

A sushi boat restaurant!

A cool crochet cthulhu mask in a shop and my merpy reflection. :P

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