Wednesday, July 22, 2015

San Francisco: Downtown and Fisherman's Wharf

After walking from our hotel to Japantown, Nobhill and Chinatown, we eventually wound up downtown. 

One of the first things we stumbled upon was the gorgeous foyer with a large ornate sunlight.

Marble floors and even trees engineered into the design.

Plus this groovy little lady hidden to the side.

Not a far walk away we found this garden.

First trolley car! Wee!

Made it to the wharf!

Boats remind me of my childhood and make me nostalgic and happy. :)

I've spent many summer days romping around different marinas!

Follow Salty, the creepy uncle of Sea lions.

See how he inappropriately gestures at my boyfriend? Geez, Salty! 


Just some bridge off in the distance. ;)

What a lovely island fortress!

Oh, wait…that's alcatraz.

Um…well…what a lovely maximum security prison, then? 

So, about those Sea Lions Salty promised us...

It appears today was not the day.

But we did find this sleepy guy!

Probably weighs more than Antho and I combined!

There were so many expensive eateries along the waterfront…but I enjoyed admiring the big pile of crabs this joint had on display!

Mm, crabby.

Even the cute little lass is eyeing those big old crustaceans.

It was crowded, as one expects of touristy areas during tourism season, eh?

Downtown is pretty, though, to be certain.

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