Wednesday, July 22, 2015

San Francisco Haight Street

Haight Street is a haven of art and culture overflowing with colors and eclectic creations. Famous landmarks include the Grateful Dead house on 710 Ashbury, which we made a pilgrimage to on July 10th (7/10) at 7:10pm, but I digress, this post is about the rest of Haight street!

The area is known for being a bit "hippie-dippie", which is perfectly fine by us. 
Personally, I LOVED all the murals and street art adorning the buildings in the area.
I think every city really should have an area where they let the creativity flow freely…
Places for artists of all varieties to commune.
That was more or less the vibe I got on Haight street, so check out the photos below !

Stone bowl+ was a restaurant that we passed several times and it caught my interest… I would certainly hope that their menu revolves around bibimbap and other hot stone pot dishes! Mmm.

A lot of the shops along Haight street play off the pronunciation of "Haight", as it sounds like "hate" rather than "height". Love n' haight pictured above, for example!

Haight to wash, a laundry. Fun!

Random kitty! 

This guy!

The Himalaya Playa. 

O'Looney's market. I dig the hand painted sign along with all the art on the building itself!

Oh, mushrooms! How unexpected to find shroomy imagery in an area full of hippies. ;)

Succulentpants. There seems to be a theme of succulents in unusual containers here...

And this was just someone's small sidewalk garden! You go, urban gardeners. I support this whole-heartedly. 

If you're going to tag something, do it right. ;) These guys know what they're doing.

Pow! Pretty truck. 

Random minions!

We only rode the bus for a couple of blocks…we actually ended up walking quite extensively that day. 

For the record, if you're planning on crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, plan for the return trip as well. We didn't realize Sausalito was so far from the bridge itself! Once we'd crossed the bridge we asked some cops for advice on the best way to make our return trip and they told us we were better off walking back rather than trying to catch the ferry from Sausalito. As our legs grew heavier we kinda wished we had utilized our bus passes more but we would have missed out on a lot of the fun we had exploring by foot. The route we walked was almost completely devoid of people but offered stunning views, so I'm glad we endured.

But I digress, back to Haight street!

Deadhead Country… because the people are Grateful. 

Cool Genie jutting out from the side of the building!

The Pork Store, under a perfectly pinky ham colored building.

 I just liked the whale cruising by on a bus.

Puff Puff Pass. Fun name for a smoke shop! Cool space art on the sign, too.

Pretty green and red awning with the goldish-toned gatework.

We watched this cop make a U-turn in the middle of the street. XD

Adios, officer! She took off after that. Off to do important cop things, surely!

Gypsy men fashion, where even the mannequins are too cool for you. There's a reflection of Antho in the window. :P

Ben & Jerry's :)

Ridiculously cool street art along the side of the building. 

For your little hippie.

Tie-dye was well represented, naturally.

I don't even know which one I like best, they're ALL adorable! 

One of those little DIY models, except that one's not so little.

A hidden Janis tucked in there. 

Rainbow steampunk?

Fun flask. 


Pretty purple and green decorated building next to the "liquid experience". 

Do you feel the Burger Urge?

The Love of Ganesha looks like an interesting place. I always appreciate when there are flowers or greenery of any variety added to the urban cityscape. It's important for "civilized humans" to remember that we're still biological beings depending upon the planet and it's ecosystems. Being surrounded by concrete, glass and asphalt can desensitize people to that reality but foliage can help us reconnect. Besides, it's been shown that exposure to natural scenes and plants can help reduce stress, and who wouldn't want to enjoy a more stress-free city?!

Elephant, monkey, bunny, bird on a door? Sure!

The lady who owned or worked for this shop liked us, told us that she could feel that we were good people. She ate her breakfast (avocado toast) while Antho and I perused. Always nice to be told you give off good vibes. I mean, people actually like us? Whoa. Weird. :P

Nothing BUT socks!
If only I were rich. I would have cleaned these guys out. 
I love socks.
Just, you know, for the record.


Rawr! Socks with faces!

Pretty pretty door.

Break free from the herd!

I love the detail in the octopus drawing!

Triceratops riding tricycles. 
And yes, CORGI socks!!!

Another psychedelic sign.

Listen to this wall.
It has important wall secrets to share with you.

I wish my work's parking lot were half this cool. Grumble.

A LOT of detail in there.

Amoeba music! Huge store. 

Adorable little thing. 

So, what do you think?
Seem like an area you'd want to visit?
We had a lot of fun wandering along Haight!
Some guy even shouted across the street that he loved our hair. D'aww. 
We felt quite comfortable and welcomed there.

From here, we walked to the Golden Gate Park where we explored the Conservatory of Flowers!
Check back for details! 

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