Thursday, July 23, 2015

Golden Gate Park

After ambling along Haight, we eventually made our way to Golden Gate Park. It's a huge urban park with a lot of attractions for people of all activity levels and ages. 

I want to think this is being cheeky as opposed to trying to avoid the creepy.

An indoor merry-go-round! Neat. 

Goobers on segways!!

A whole gaggle of goobers!
Oh, how the glide.
So majestic.

Those outfits aren't the least bit goofy. Oh, no. Not at all.


Guide map illustrating just how long the park really is.

Pretty little walking path tucked among the trees.

These trees seemed unconvinced that it's still summer time. 

A little vine had grown up through the tree, clinging to various branches and stretching ever upwards.

I like their little stretching tendrils!

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