Friday, July 24, 2015

San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers

Strolling through the park, we found our way to the Conservatory of Flowers
If you're into movies, you might recognize it from the movie Heart and Souls with Robert Downey Jr. Antho showed me the movie a couple months back, so I was able to appreciate that tidbit of trivia. :)

The building is separated into various themed environment rooms, catering to the needs of differing varieties of flowers. Overflowing with blossoms and as beautiful as this place is, this is going to be one seriously photo heavy post. Ye of slower inter webs be warned!

I don't disagree! This would be a lovely place for a first date- and pretty cheap, too, at roughly $8 for an adult. 

The photo does not adequately capture just how massive these leaves (fronds?) actually are!

Bananas in their original form.

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers, right?
A cute older couple complimented us on our colorful hair and joked about wanting to take photos of us as we looked like part of the decor. 

Pitcher plants are pretty neat. Their interiors are lined or full of a sticky/slimy substance that traps insects inside and they slowly dissolve. They're carnivorous flowers!

Venus Flytraps!

Do you see the turtle?

This turtle.

This little punk was mean mugging me the entire time. Rude!

"Banana plants are not palms, nor are they trees. They are herbaceous plants."
Did you know that?
Well, now you do!

Real life bugs doing real life bug stuff!

Pleasantly perched little pitcher plant.

What a lovely orchid!

D'aww, look how cute these little guys are!!

These don't even look real! They look like some sort of cute Japanese accessory. X3

To give you an idea just how big these things were!

These guys were trying to enjoy the view from outside. Sorry fellas, emergency exit only!

He was actually sassing me, but it also looks like he's admiring the plethora of pitcher plants growing.

I love the growth patterns. 

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