Saturday, June 13, 2015

Seoul Trip: Day 4, exploring near Anguk station

Changdeokgung Palace.

A brief walk from Yim's house stood Changdeokgung palace, a vibrant landmark and beacon of hope during my stay; once I saw the palace in it's resplendent decorative colors and tiles looming into view, I knew I was either close to my home base or off on my way to another adventure. 

I had an appointment later in the afternoon, but had enough time to do a little exploring. Anguk station was the closest and I stayed relatively close for the morning in an effort to avoid tardiness. The area was quirky and fun. 

facing in to Changdeokgung's ornate entrance. 

Isn't this an adorable little yellow coffee truck?! 

A small beverage stand alongside the walkway.

So convenient!

Vine covered building peering over the greenery.

The Well-being Seafood Restaurant. Not only will your tummy be filled, so will your well-being.

Huh, I take it this place is famous or something?

Mini Stop is a conbini 「convenience store」common in Japan, too.

I like their address placard. 

Just a vegetable truck man doing usual vegetable truck man stuff.

Golden piggies a plenty!

Cartoony beer & chicken signs were surprisingly common, but I can see why; match made in heaven!

Welcome to the Water Closet, where we presume you'll be Pssing with new metro.

then there was this thing.

inside a train station...

and inside the train...


While in the area, I sampled Dead body soup. It was quite an endeavor, I tell you…but to read more about that, click on through

Off to Hongdae!

I'll have that post up in the next day or two, so keep an eye out!  

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