Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Vegas: June 6th, Friday Noise

My boyfriend and I make liquid light art. 

Have you ever heard of it? It's pretty fun! We've been doing live performances for some of our friend's bands throughout Vegas and recently did a show at Photo Bang Bang

Every month on the First Friday of that month is a local art event downtown called, imaginatively, "First Friday". The footprint of the event has recently shrunk in size, but it has generally included a several mile radius full of galleries, street vendors, buskers, food trucks, artisans, crafts and brews. As part of the event, Photo Bang Bang opens their doors to local musicians and artists to participate in a crowd-sourced evening of entertainment. It's a lot of fun!

Members of The Mass Distractors playing with members of Ossum Possum!

We've done shows at Photo Bang Bang before and love the venue. It also happens to be a groovy little photography studio with some incredible prints and detailed scenic areas throughout ripe for photoshoots.

The mask and helmet were part of the interior decor, we just improvised.

Throughout the evening different bands, both local and from out of town, will do their thing. This provides a fun challenge for us in trying to match our imagery and visuals with each of their unique sounds.

Have you ever seen a live liquid light show performance before? 
If not, check one out sometime if you have the chance!
They're not as common as they were back in the 60's or 70's, perhaps, but there's a strong community of people who love it keeping it alive and ever evolving. 
It's a unique art form that can be very fun visually. 

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  1. Great! Thank you! There needs to be news of Photo Bang! Bang! and it's classic psychedelic atmosphere it imbues among the collective First Friday Las Vegas.