Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Seoul Trip: Korean Conbini 『Convenience Store』

Ah, convenience stores. A beacon of civilization and comfort in an often dark and confusing world. 

In my travels, the conbini are often a thing of wonder. For example, in Japan you can pay all your utility bills, send mail, pick up a bottle of whiskey (or soju, or sake), some spaghetti (or ramen, udon, bento boxes, onigiri, sandwiches, etc), some freshly brewed iced coffee or kitchen staples (mirin and dashi, anyone?) to pantyhose or make up to porn and ice cream...

Well, I'm pleased to say that they're pretty amazing in Korea, too!

Everybody needs toilet paper sooner or later, man.

Pringles and a spin-off. :P

Candy!! Oh, Crunky. I like the almond chocolates a lot, there was also a variety with macadamia nuts that was yummy.

Fresh foods, snacks, and kitchen staples. Lots of kimchi, banchan, kimbap and noodle cups.

Speaking of noodles, there had to be an aisle dedicated to the instant variety!

All sorts of different quick meal mixes,  milk or soy based drinks and alcohol.

First time I'd encountered Monster energy drinks in awhile! Look at the juice selection. Fruit flavored milks are popular in Japan and Korea~

Oh yeah, Spam!

Umbrellas, canned goods, cooking staples (doenjang! gochujang!), dried snacks, and drink mixes.

Chips and snacks, teas, and dry coffee.

Beer and fruit juice drinks. 

All the refreshing looking drinks~

Beauty & hygiene supplies. I bought a foaming face wash here that I still use! 


So many choices!

What do you think? Is it similar to the convenience stores in your area? 
Feel free to comment and let me know!

Safe travels and have fun~ 

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