Monday, June 8, 2015

Seoul Trip: Day 3 Shenanigans at the chicken joint

Who parties hard?

So Ko! 
A.K.A. South Korea 
Home of many absolutely wonderful things like kimchi, K-pop, soju, and a whole assortment of other super awesome things. 
Awesome like these guys, at the fried chicken joint near Anguk station. 
Their boss got so toasted his underling graciously cradled his cranium in order to prevent him from taking a dive before grabbing him a taxi and sending him home safe. True teamwork. 

After returning to my guest house from the shenanigans at Namdaemun, I still had some energy to burn so I wandered to the neighborhood station and found a late night place that specialized in Korean fried chicken dishes, which I was curious about, so I popped in. Being a small joint, I quickly made a lot of new friends. ^_^;

arms do tire eventually.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that groovy color-changing fish tank, though? 
What a fun decorating choice!
Was it necessary in any way shape or form?
NO! Not at all.
Did it add something fun to the restaurant's environment? 
Heck yes. You get on with your bad self, chicken restaurant man.

Dakgangjeong, I believe. I wanted some fried chicken, I got it. Similar to Japanese cuisine, shredded raw cabbage is served an accompaniment to heavier fried dishes. The fiber and crunch of the cabbage is a nice. healthy addition to aid digestion.  

After escorting their boss to safety, the other guys came back for a bit to finish their beers and hang out. Let's all take a second and acknowledge the Korean Castiel. He does not get that reference.  The fella sitting closest to the camera on the right spotted me taking photos and approached, which quickly devolved into inebriated linguistically-challenged silliness.

Paparazzi style.


The owner of the restaurant brought this over for everyone. Nice chilled fruit platter that would be refreshing on any summer night, though it was still chilly out. Lovely light dessert option!

Once the other guys shuffled off for the evening, the dapper gent against the wall tried to initiate conversation via Google Translate. His friend was not nearly as inebriated or outgoing, though he and the restaurant owner both took amusement. 

Without a doubt, Koreans are among some of the friendliest people I've ever met, and soju has never hindered things any. 

Let it goooo~! I watched that movie on the plane to Korea. It hadn't released yet in Japan!

Oh, baby, it's the climax of rich taste.

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