Sunday, June 7, 2015

Seoul Trip: Day 3, Namdaemun market at night

     After leaving Namsan Seoul Tower by cable car, I walked through the neighborhood until I was able to find the market, which was mostly closed up for the evening due to the late hour. Not to be deterred, I took advantage of the somewhat solemn shadows and deserted corners for many photos. This is kind of a theme of mine. I love seeing cultural centers in their off-hours.

Warning! This post is going to be photo heavy!

This post focuses on photos of the market itself, if you're curious about what I ate while there read here!

How could I help but to notice this goofy little butterfly that looks partially composed of fecal matter?

Cheerful, though.

Hats! ぼしいっぱい!


Luggage aplenty.

Jean shop and shuttered booths…

Beer Jack, a place to satisfy two of man's most basic needs. X3 or not.

Pick up a crisp new shirt before indulging at Beer Jack!

More hats.

Some residual activity lingering.

This lady with her beans and chili powder isn't giving up just yet.

Cooking equipment and dishes. 

Glasses store and a lass.


This fella asserted that his hotpots were a neighborhood specialty, but they weren't what I was looking for that evening.

He was cooking in an alleyway, though. What a boss!

Oh, feel that air…

Passed this landmark while taking a taxi. :)

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