Sunday, June 14, 2015

Vegas: June 13th, 2015 Liquid Light art Show @ the Velveteen Rabbit

O's of Presidential getting down with some excellent tunes. 

Antho & I have been doing liquid light art together as 710Visuals for a few months now, hitting various venues all around Vegas and have even performed at the Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood, but this was our first time at the Velveteen Rabbit. It's a lovely little bar and music venue tucked away in an enclave of eccentric businesses downtown, with a crew of dapper hipsters running things behind the counter and a lovely little garden out back. For this show, we collaborated with the exceptional visual artist Jason Casey, whom we've worked with at Photo Bang Bang in the past. His style of light art mixed with liquid light art creates quite an effect. 

For the O's of Presidential set, the very talented balloon artist Tawney constructed a balloon wall on site, giving the visuals that much more texture and creating a dreamy scene between sets.

Click through for photos and videos of the event!

The area surrounding the Rabbit has many vibrant murals and graffiti as it's considered part of the Arts District. I love seeing this and am always encouraged and gladdened to see art taking a vibrant & accepted role in amping up the aesthetics of an area. Most walls are a blank canvas awaiting color, so why not utilize some of them?

RAWR! Dinobush!

the stratosphere tower standing vigil

Once the bands had finished setting up for their show and nailed down all the details, the sky saw fit to give us a much needed (albeit largely inconvenient!) rain shower after taunting us with lightening around the edges of the valley throughout the early evening. The sky broke and rain poured down for maybe all of 20 minutes, causing the bands and us visual artists to scurry around frantically trying to save all the electronics from short-circuiting or damage. 

This is a desert, guys. 

We get less than 2" of rain a year. A YEAR

It's pretty safe to assume that on any given day it's going to be either HOT and sunny or, if we're lucky, cool and sunny. On an especially pleasant day we might get some clouds here or there, just to shake up things in the sky a bit.

Rain is rare, and thus, we don't generally anticipate it dampening our parade.

Once the rain abated, and everyone felt safely assured of it's cessation, the bands began to reassemble their equipment and we prepared to perform. 

Kashena went on first, giving a beautiful solo acoustic performance with her powerful voice. 
After her set wrapped up, next came Sang Bleu, an all girl group with sexy babes and sassy lyrics. 

Sang Bleu performing. These girls are righteous!

Then it was time for the O's! 
This is going to be one of their last performances for awhile as they're going into the recording and writing phase of musicianship. They put on an excellent show, and we look forward to collaborating with them on future projects!

playing with the different exposures on my digital camera led to some trippy effects. 

Antho looking like a mad scientist or super villain…naturally.

It was a wonderful evening with a lot of great people, fantastic performances and music, in a groovy venue. I gladly anticipate doing more shows there in the future!

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