Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hollywood: The Whiskey a Go Go with the O's of Presidential 04-09-2015

Since Antho and I started doing liquid light art, The O's of Presidential have readily collaborated with us and been supportive of our art. Fusing their psychedelic garage rock sound with trippy liquid light visuals works beautifully to set an atmospheric soundscape and helps set them apart from the rest.

When they had the opportunity to play at the famous Whiskey a Go Go in ye old glamorous Hollywood, California, they asked us to come along and throw our signature visuals into the mix. 

Naturally, we agreed.

Pit stop mode.

My friend Billy is one truly dapper gentleman, and one exquisitely talented musician.

Marie and Stefanito, the badass bassist of the band. Alliteration, for the win. 

Antho's majestic merp face. Look at that mustache! Swoon.

Fried calimari, one of Antho's favorite foods. Fresh, light, crisp. Yum!

Pizza fries!! Delicious. Messy. Cheesy. All wonderful things.

Billy was on point, everyone else had more important band stuff to discuss while Rob's in the background giving some serious eyes.

Rob (photography) & Evan (guitar, vocals) discussing business with Zack, the drummer, on the phone.

Antho hard at work and focused on the task at hand.


Jim Morrison has performed here, and now so have we.



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