Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hair: Adventures in pink hair hues & turquoise mermaid hair transformation

After lightening my hair to a fair blonde, 
which is still really weird for me as a lifelong brunette,
I decided to throw some Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink (diluted with a copious quantity of conditioner) over the blonde to bring some depth back into it. 
I mean, really, why strip my hair to such a light shade if not to utilize it as a palette? 
I kept the pink for close to a month…
then I got bored.
It was time to transform into a mermaid!

The pink was pretty

Ever so girly, I got called "Princess" by people other than my boyfriend, which, like being blonde was kinda weird.
I'm generally more of a tomboy and always have been.
While other girls were pretending to be pretty little princesses and kissing boys, I was too busy pretending to be a vampire or Power Ranger and terrifying the other kids in class with my drawings of monsters or scary stories.
While some girls were learning to do their makeup, I tried to recreate David Bowie's look from Labyrinth and coincidentally had my access to makeup revoked until my teenage years.

I'm more at home playing video games, drawing, cooking or goofing off than I am doing makeup or painting my nails…I still try to do those things, for aesthetic's sake, but they're definitely not my forte.
Dresses are awkward, but I'm getting better.
Heels? Please.
I'm 5'10", the few times I've ever worn heels I teeter over most guys in the room. 
There's a reason I adore giraffes, folks. I sympathize. 
But the pink was alright.

It was less shocking to people around me, perhaps, than the blonde.
Pink is cute. I felt like Chiba Usa. 

I experimented with pink throughout the month of May, mixing Manic Panic Pretty Flamingo in with the diluted Hot Hot Pink…it made a nice warm sherbert-esque color.
Sherbert hair.
I'm ok with that. Refreshing and summery, sherbet hair works for early summer.

But here's the thing- Manic Panic fades.
Pretty quickly, too, might I add.

The fading effects were still rather pretty, with different shades of peach and orange streaking the lengths of my hair and growing noticeably fainter with each washing. Some sections of my hair have been stubbornly resistant to the dye outright, remaining quite light despite being saturated equally.

And, really, I get bored.
So by late June, it was time for a change...

That's right, turquoise.
Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise mixed with Siren Song. 
It's really pretty.
I feel like Sailor Neptune.

Without all of the super cool powers, though. 

Wearing one of our recent tie dye designs…Antho had made me laugh and caught this while I was smirking.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 

The areas that had a bit of the pink left ended up turning a sort of purple-grey color. 
My hair still had a bit of warmth remaining from the previous dye job, if I had let it fade a little bit longer the atomic turquoise would have turned out more truly blue, but this works.

What do you think? 
Ever dye your hair blue? 

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