Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hong Kong Day 4- Lamma Island part 2

The next step of my journey, once I climbed down from the mystery trail, took me towards Sok Kwu Wan (Rainbow Bay), the other small village on the island. On the way there, though, I stopped along several points of interest, including Lo So Shing beach, pictured above, which was surprisingly devoid of people. I passed the Kamikaze Caves, as well, a grim reminder of the small island's role during WWII. These caves provided a strategic hideaway for Kamikaze soldiers, who could use high speed boats in suicide missions against Allied shipping boats during the conflict. Luckily, the island is far more peaceful now with relaxed locals and happy tourists providing the majority of the foot traffic. While there are no cars on the island, I did see many surf boards, especially near LoSo beach, so I imagine it makes a popular surf spot during the appropriate seasons.

It's hard not to be distracted by the sheer beauty of the area. Vibrant flowers abound and the lush green foliage blankets most of the land. Between all that, the occasional building or beach looms around the corner or peaks out trepidatiously. Other structures stand strong and proud, painted in vibrant shades and holding strong against the elements.The villages are small, though, and not every structure is assiduously maintained. This contrast between vivid flowers and dilapidated buildings, stunning structures and sandy beaches, gives the small island a wealth of sights to discover.

As my hike grew to an end, my tired feet were eager for a rest and my tummy ready for a more substantial meal. Delicious things were in no short supply in the village! I opted for a fried cuttlefish, a fresh prawn (shrimp?), and a razor clam, all freshly scooped out of the tank they had inhabited with their unfortunate friends. The absolute freshness of the foods, eaten behind a plastic tarp serving as a wall/window offering views of the marina as the sea breeze gently wafted by, was perfection with a frosty brew. Friendly servers ensured my belly and my soul were satisfied by the day's endeavours, providing the cap to the evening needed before I darted off to catch one of the last ferries back to Hong Kong.

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