Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hong Kong Day 5- breakfast in Mongkok & trip to Stanley

My time in Hong Kong was rapidly coming to an end! Alas. I truly enjoyed my time here, and this being my last full day in the area, I wanted to make the best of it. So, what does a food loving girl do in such a situation? Why, she has Second Breakfast, like a true Hobbit!! Despite my height, I feel a special kinship with the Hobbits...perhaps it's the hairs on my feet (TMI?), or their good-natured love of all things lovely about life (food, companionship, sleep, comfort!), they've always had a special place in my sordid little heart. For my first breakfast, I returned to the small noodle shop tucked away behind several vendors in the Ladies Market that I had visited on my second day. 

After a brief bit of walking to help my noodles digest and take in the sights, I returned to the small steamer shop where I'd been assaulted by a stack of boxes on day 3. Luckily, this time through I escaped unboxed. It was on this visit that I realised a fondness for chicken (or duck) feet that remains with me to this day. While I've yet to convert Antho to the joys of gelatinously crunchy, chewy poultry feet, I still gladly eat them when given the opportunity. I also had the steamed dumplings shown above, with their slick, chewy skins and juicy fillings. Delicious.

After ensuring that my stomach was well and truly full, I began a journey towards Stanley, a town in Hong Kong that resides in the Southern District, east of Repulse Bay. To get there, I found a bus using the Discover Hong Kong app and made my way to the pick up point. I highly recommend using an app like Discover Hong Kong while visiting an unfamiliar city, as it provides insight and wisdom that your average tourist may not have. Taking the bus was extremely affordable and allowed an overland route to my destination with a view, which I greatly enjoyed. 

Check back soon for the adventure in Stanley proper!


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