Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Japan: Inokashira park with Yuka-chan 2012-11-15

Inokashira park is a beautiful open park in Tokyo. It was a bit of a commute from my side of town, but well worth the trip! On this particular day, Yuka-chan and I met up at a mid-way point then carried on for a day of adventure!

It is a life goal of mine to eventually ride those silly little swan boats.
Never got the chance to while living there, but doesn't it seem dreamy? Especially during the cherry blossom season! Ahh~ such romance.  

Yuka and I still had a blast!

After our adventure in the park, we dipped over to Koenji. 
We revived with some coffee at Nanatsumori cafe, an endearing little coffee shop!
The red velvet chairs seemed so luxurious~
Afterwords we caught up with some of my friends, The Motorsu, for a show they were doing. 

It was an all around good time!
If you're ever in Tokyo, definitely take the time to take in Inokashira park during the day, and if you're into music make the time to visit Koenji, too! There's an active live music scene throughout the city worth looking into, but Koenji was the epicenter of the punk movement in Japan.
While it might not be as well known as the British punk movement, there are still traces of it's influence rippling throughout the neighborhood, making it a very unique & lively place.

Thanks for reading & I look forward to hearing from you!

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