Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Japan: Daily grind 2012年10月

Clockwise from top left: Natto, mozuku (slippery vinegar seasoned seaweed), soy sauce, coffee with milk, mackerel sashimi with 2 umeboshi & shredded daikon, cooked white rice (from 711!) 

View from the bus window during my morning commute.

Flowers in front of Ikspiari during the walk to work from the bus stop.

Reading materials. The only books I haven't managed to read yet are Player Piano and Mr Rosewater by Vonnegut. I quite enjoyed The Grand Design and Cat's Cradle has long been a favorite of mine. I got The Science Delusion to help counterbalance the Dawkins, as both can be a bit dogmatic. Always best to gather as much information as you can before coming to any conclusions. 

"The Cat Returns" film Comics & Howl's Moving Castle art book.

Zaru soba with iwashi (sardines), umeboshi, mozuku and tare. 

Dessert sweet puffs and takoyaki from Gindako in Ikspiari.

Goofing off X3 We have exceptionally good balance or particularly flat heads…hm...

Touch screen vending machine with cute Halloween & fall themed animations that would float by from time to time until someone approached the machine.

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