Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Japan: Fune party 2012-10-19

For many years the Tokyo branch of the Arribas company threw holiday parties for their employees. In a rare meeting of upper management and makers, artists and their handlers were welcome to join the managerial staff in an evening out together sponsored by the bosses. This was the first, and last, holiday party I attended with the company in my three winters with them, as the tradition seemed to die shortly after.
Oh well. The times, they are a'changin.
I'd covered this evening in a previous post, but now I can go a bit more into detail and provide more photos.

Everyone who wished to go needed to arrive to the boats on time lest they be left behind, as such management had one of the staff members wait for us all at the appointed train station to walk us to the appropriate dock in time. 

Once on board everyone was in a festive mood. Free booze and food probably didn't hurt.

Management sitting behind some of the handlers and one of the silhouette artists. 

Zoltan! Super nice fella and supremely talented glass artist originally from Hungary. Look how dapper he dressed for the occasion!

And we're off~
There were some speeches from the owner of the company, then everyone was set loose to explore the boat.
It was two stories, with the warm and cozy interior and a rooftop terrace where you could feel the chilly breeze and take in the lights. Our trajectory sent us down the bay, out towards Haneda airport and then back into port.

With some of the owners of Arribas. 
My shirt caught the wind and poofed up, I swear I wasn't preggers. XD

Goofy bar boy ^_^ 

After the boat ride, some of my coworkers and I felt like keeping the party alive, so I somehow found myself in this awkward little Japanese disco. 
I'll let the video speak for itself here...

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