Friday, September 25, 2015

Las Vegas: Candy Warpop Show at the Double Down Saloon 2015-09-11

Candy Warpop, in case you've been orbiting Pluto and haven't heard of them, are a badass group of musicians who craft some glorious angst anthems. With Anisa on drums, Josh on guitar, Jonas on bass and Amy on vocals, they combine their individual talents into a passionate performance every time they do a show. We've actually done a show with them before, back in the early days of 710 Visuals!

Trust no one who dislikes the song White Rabbit. 

It's fun seeing these old videos as it really demonstrates how far we've come since then! 
This show was at the Double Down Saloon, which is renowned throughout Vegas for their ass-juice and punk-rock aesthetic. The show went really well and we had a great time!
Check below for more photos and videos.

Getting set up~

Oh, that Pabst blue ribbon, a beacon of comfortingly reasonable malty goodness to hipsters everywhere.

For the start of the show, the guys draped themselves in sheets so as to blend in with the psychedelia going on around them. Much obliged, fellas!

A shame to hide Josh's stupendeous mane, though.

Security and the other bands were really cool with letting us do our thing and giving us space to set up. 
I enjoy the decorations inside the place. Toga party!

Antho in business mode. :P

Just another night in glamorous Las Vegas...

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