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Japan: Tokyo Sea Life Park in Kasairinkai Koen (park) 2012-08-31

You may or may not have noticed from my post of our trip to San Francisco's Aquarium of the Bay, but aquariums are among one of my favorite places to explore. As a child my grandparents would often take me to the Sea World in Ohio during my summer visits, which instilled an appreciation for aquatic lifeforms in me early on. While the ethics behind parks like Sea World are certainly questionable, the effect of seeing the majestic denizens of the seas and shores has had isn't. 

On one particularly lovely summer day in the Tokyo Bay area, I decided to pay a visit to Kasai Rinkai Koen. One of the more striking features of the park is this glass dome that houses the entrance to the Tokyo Sea Life Park, visible from the Keiyo line trains as they roll up to the station. The park itself is quite large, with expansive bay-side areas, grassy picnic fields, gardens, the Diamonds & Flowers Ferris wheel (2nd largest in Japan), a beer garden during the summer and much more! 
I've written an article about the park for Tokyo Cheapo in the past, so feel free to check it out!

This post will focus on the aquarium, with another post covering the Diamonds and Flowers ferris wheel and the rest of the park coming soon!

Heading out towards the station~

Families out for a day of fun. 
One thing I enjoyed about the summertime in Japan is all the mugiwara~ straw hats!
It's really common to see people, young and old alike, sporting straw hats as soon as summer swings into gear!

Small pool with view of the bay beyond.

Across the water you can see the Castle from Tokyo Disneyland as well as Tomorrowland, the Tower of Terror and the Volcano at Tokyo Disney Sea! I used to work quite close to that volcano, actually. ^_^

Some of the resorts~

He is a sneaky fish, can you see him? 

Aww, he's got a belly full of babies!
Did you know that the male sea horses will carry the eggs in a pouch on their belly until they hatch?
Now that's what I call teamwork!

This guy was standing!

Penguin butts! ^_^

I arrived in time for feeding! Yay! I tried to point out the penguin ("pen-geen" in Japanese) standing next to the handler, the little guy waited so patiently for his fish! 

The designs along the walls near the gift shop were lovely.

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