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Japan: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo 2012-08-16

Not everything is quite what it seems...

One fine summer day I decided to embark upon a quest to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art  Tokyo, or MoT, an art gallery in the Miyoshi district of Tokyo.

It's a lovely art museum nestled into a quieter neighborhood of Tokyo, one not particularly bustling with tourists. Walking there ended up being something of a mission all in it's own, as my gps signal was unreliable and I found myself exploring wonderful little pockets of the town I hadn't expected to encounter!

Beautiful flowers like this were prone to popping up in the most unexpected of corners, and they always made me smile. :)

I happened upon Tomioka Hachiman Shrine temple tucked away in a residential neighborhood, for one, was a fun surprise to stumble upon!

A lone man walks along the pathway.

Paying his respects. 

Gates framing the city beyond.

A couple of cicada shells clinging to a leaf. 
I was so excited to capture this shot!
I love the hum of the cicadas during the summers, as they're abundant both throughout the mojave desert and Japan. Their song will always remind me of warm, happy summer days.
I know many people find them creepy, but they're harmless! 
I think they're kind of cute in their own goofy way.

This guy, though? 
Well…maybe if he saw a dentist…
Do you recognize this creature?
It's a recreation of one of the angels/Giant God Warriors from Nausicaa!!
In a true stroke of coincidental luck, I had watched Kaze no Tani ni Nausicaa the night prior, so I was fresh up to date on my references for the exhibition. I had semi-mistakenly believed it to be an Evangelion related exhibit- which, it kind of is, but isn't? 
See, one of the brilliant minds behind the phenomenal anime Neon Genesis Evangelion worked together with one of the minds behind studio Ghibli to contribute to and create a stop motion/live action film that debuted in this museum called "God Warrior Appears in Tokyo"
The museum was doing an entire exhibit dedicated to the tokusatsu (giant monster) movie genre, with one of Gojira's full-skins (costume) on display! 

There was also a fashion oriented exhibit that was interesting, though fashion is not so much my forte. 

Not a bad view of Skytree, either, eh?

Oh no! Attack of the giant grumpy onii-san! X3

Miniature models of the city that had been used in the stop-motion film were available for visitors to photograph or pose with. 

The view of the courtyard was also lovely to take in while waiting in line. 

All the extras and cut-out figures!

So much detail went into all the props!

All the miniatures of Tokyo were really fun. :)

Such cute little tanks!

These cars were cool!
I'd love to decorate a car like that.
Would it become a traffic hazard? ^^;

Then there's this guy.

A lounge area was available for resting your legs between exhibits.

Just another normal view of Tokyo town.

The exterior was beautiful during the sunset.

This building was being demolished or had deteriorated or something?
Whatever the case, it was interesting to see.

I stopped in Ginza for some takoyaki, then headed out towards Shibuya to check out the world famous Womb...

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