Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Japan: Diamonds and Flowers ferris wheel & Kasairinkai koen 2012-08-31

After getting my fill of the fishes at the Sealife park, it was time to carry on and explore the outdoors.
Naturally, the looming figure of the Diamonds and Flowers ferris wheel made for a good point of destination, so I started heading off. 

For about $7US you can ride a full rotation of the wheel, which takes nearly 20 minutes. Since I went during the summer, condensation provided camouflage for mount Fuji, but if you visit the park during the colder months you're more likely to get a full view of the glorious mountain off in the distance.

Skytree standing out across town.

Sleepy kitty and a stretchy kitty~

When the sleepy kitty awoke, he was very friendly. ^_^
Aww~! Too bad I couldn't take the little guy home, but at least he has a beautiful home and hopefully all the fish he can catch!

Tables adrift in the sea of grass. Dreamy. 

Sunset by the waterfront…

Beware of tsunamis, please!

That white bridge in the distance is intended to look like two hands.
Can you see it? :)

A plate of yakisoba and a beer at the beer garden they had during the summer!
Delicious! About $15 or so altogether.

The ferris wheel illuminates at night providing beautiful views.

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