Thursday, October 1, 2015

Japan: Rainy day in Urayasu 2012-09-06

One thing I thoroughly enjoyed about living in Japan was the weather, simply because it was such a deviation from what I grew up with in Southern Nevada. While some people might grumble about typhoons, I found them fascinating and thrilling- perhaps in large part because I was within safe walking distance from work, so when the trains were delayed due to inclement conditions I never had to worry… ^^; 

I got to know Urayasu fairly well while living there. On my days off I would ride my bike like a bat out of hell, burning off steam and exploring the area. I'd often stop in one of the small restaurants for lunch, mingling with the locals and sharing a beer or two with them.

More photos after the cut~

This river ran throughout Urayasu and had several small docks along it's length.

One of the main drags, with Urayasu station farther down the road. There were several electronic shops, discount food markets, car dealerships and other businesses on the thoroughfare.  

My seedlings were doing very well! <3 p="">

Lunch from a small soba-ya a block from my home. The owner was a friendly older lady who lived in the building the restaurant was in.

Sleepy face~ 

It was a lovely day off enjoying the weather. 
Do you enjoy rainy days? 

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