Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Oakland's Jack London Square

After a brief refresher back at the house, we walked over to Jack London Square to wait for the ferry over to the San Francisco side of the bay. 

A lovely couple walking by offered to take photos for us when they saw Antho attempting with a self-timer. He was able to make this adorable gif with all the photos they took. :) Right on!

Downtown Oakland.

A cute house we passed while walking.

I love all the varieties of flowers we found growing in the area!

Moose sighting!

And then there was this little goober.

Passed the Oakland Metro Opera house, where they were hosting the Deathfest! I attended last year's Deathfest in Vegas, so that was a fun surprise to encounter.

The dock where you board the ferry. We had some time to kill before the next boat so we explored the area.

A couple of canoodling pigeons. Aww!

Train chugging through the city.

Much like Sheldon Cooper, I too enjoy trains, though my fascination with the mechanisms is far less intense.

Japanese food and jazz. Naturally.
It's actually not that strange of a combination, as I've dined at cafes in Tokyo that combined those very same things.

Back at the dock we joined the crowd of people waiting for their ship to come in.

Lovely views of the water while we wait.

Here she comes!

Stay tuned for photos from the ferry ride!

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