Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ferry ride from Oakland to San Francisco

Riding ferries has long been a favorite way for me to see a new city. I've taken ferries in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Hong Kong, Seattle, Boulder City and San Francisco and they always offer such a unique experience. Growing up my dad was always taking me out on boating adventures around the Southwest, so having spent so much of my life in, on or around the water I absolutely love reconnecting with it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Leaving Oakland bay it doesn't take long before San Francisco looms into view.

The Bay Bridge stretches across the bay connecting the two cities.

Going under the bay bridge!

Double the goofy boy! :D Yay!

The rocket boat! We waved as they passed and many people waved back. Hurrah for spreading the friendliness!
Waving is pretty universal, isn't it?
I used to wave at the attendants and Disney cast who would wave as the busses passed them by. Such a simple, small gesture but it makes me smile. 

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