Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Heading to the Tenderloin

After two nights at Casa Loma, we had to pack up and prepare to move on to another hotel for our third night. Rather than stay in the same location for the entire trip, we thought it would be more interesting to spend some time in different neighborhoods during our stay to get a more thorough feel for the city. Before leaving Casa Loma, we utilized their shared showers... The last time I used shared showers was when I was in Kyoto's 9hour Capsule hotel, so this was a bit different to be certain. :P

I don't know what they really hope to accomplish with those robes…they were tiny! x_x I'm 5'10" so I may be on the tall side, but that's an average height for a guy and there's no way those cute little micro-robes would cover their dongle. They're just asking for a recreation of that scene from The Office…

Anyway, once we were all cleaned and packed, we headed out!

There was this small inner corridor visible from the hallways. I like the contrast of the black rocks against the pale color of the building.

After leaving Casa Loma, we headed back towards Mission Street. En route we encountered this interesting little feat of architecture in a small park. We had passed this previously on our way to the hotel but hadn't been close enough for photos, so I took this opportunity. 

Very pretty structure with ornate carvings. It seems to be made of plywood or something?

Really did present itself as a blank canvas, I suppose. 

Kaleidoscopic viewer lens.

Walking down Mission we passed a lot of amazing murals.

A city with a green thumb.

I like the style of this mural, like a moment in time forever captured.

I thought this little cafe was cute but we never made it for a meal.

I love seeing food fusions. It's fascinating to me how foods are adapted and adopted between cultures. 

Reminds me of little shops in Hong Kong!

A topless trolley?!

Then there's this thing...

Not an encouraging poem about the neighborhood, should you take the time to read it in it's entirety...

But the art is pretty cool, I must say!

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