Monday, July 27, 2015

San Francisco: Walk up Fillmore street

After hoofing it to the bridge and back across, we stopped for some grub then headed up Fillmore to our hotel, Casa Loma. This was our last night staying there and after all the walking we were looking forward to stretching out with our feet up…but first, we had to get there!

En route we passed this cute little joint, Pizza Orgasmica; the original sin. Oh, those cheeky pizza people.

He's BUFF! Cute image, though.

The direction we were coming from, Fillmore was primarily all uphill. It was difficult to actually capture just how steep it truly was, but the sidewalk had steps engineered into it to give it a flatter surface. 

Back safe in our hotel, we sprawled out and relaxed with tacos, snacks and beer.

Check back tomorrow for more adventures!

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