Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Seoul Trip: May 5th, 2014 Insadong visit

The historic neighborhood of Insadong was a relatively short walk from where I was staying, so I headed over my third day there. 

Photo heavy post below! 

A bustling street rife with souvenirs, crafts, snacks, live music and more. 

Lovely lass who smiled for a quick photo :)

All the tasty looking snacks she had on offer~

this seems kind of dangerous, actually..? ^^; but very pretty!

Opp, opp… Psy, naturally. 

Sea cucumbers just…doing sea cucumber stuff… creepy little buggers.

Live タコ

Helly Squiddy!

Fancy gowns.

Merpy shadow. X3

Kids walking home from school...

Quite an eclectic medley, I love it!
Overall, it was a really pleasant time out. I got to meet some other artists and explore a charming neighborhood, sample some tasty treats  and I made it back to my hotel with enough time to recharge my devices and head out on my next adventure, tackling Seoul Tower!

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