Saturday, May 30, 2015

Seoul Trip: Day 2, Noryangjin Fishmarket

After my morning at Gwangjang Market, I returned to Yim's Guesthouse to freshen up and charge my electronics. 
Once refreshed and rejuvenated, I ventured out to see Noryangjin Fishmarket and the surrounding neighborhood. I got there a wee-bit late so it wasn't at peak hours but it was still definitely bustling 
Head's up: This post is photo heavy!

And away we go~ Allonsy!

I entered the market from above, so I got this great overhead view of the layout.

Shellfish galore!

I like her dapper jacket. Lots of sea cucumbers up front but all sorts of oceanic critters to see!

Hello Tako!

No smiles on these two. All business.

Look at the size of those shrimp!

Then there's these shrimp...

They're longer than my hand! And I have reasonably sized adult woman hands, yo! o_o

And this crab, yowza!

This big old octopus was sitting in the bucket with the little guys, then climbed back into the big guy's tub. Pick on octo-guys your own size, punk!


This guy asked me for a hug and told me he loved me. D'aw. That was fun.

Climbing the tanks to reach the prime goods.

One of the many restaurants built into the market, where you can bring freshly bought critters and have them prepared for you.

The view from the walkway atop the market.

Seoul is a pretty city.

A wind chime nearby.

An energy drink with a cute cartoon character on it. I like that his phone is in his 'fro.

One of the many food stands.

Evidently Mcdonald's delivers in Seoul!

Some very positive lingerie. Yes!

One of the many little alleys full of shops and restaurants. 

Yeah! This place looks fun. If I could speak Korean I totally would have gone in there! 3D Playstation, guys. Seriously. 

Train stations are train stations, I suppose.

But I still enjoy seeing them. And check out those lime green shoes!

Normal train station business.

only this time it's in Seoul~

Some kimbap I had picked up while at Gwangjang market. I had that mini-fridge in my room, after all!

And a goofy selfie upon returning. :)

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