Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Seoul Trip: 2014-03-05 Seoul Tower

After an afternoon recharge from Insadong, I headed out towards Seoul tower, which later led me to wander Namdaemun market.

This post, however, is specifically about Seoul tower. It really is a beautiful tower that offers stunning views, so click on through for the photos!

Looming in the distance over this park, where I caught the bus to the tower...

Such colorful handgrips!

On our way!

Gaining elevation.

Fun shadows cast on the road leading up to the tower. 

Reaching the peak of the mountain, this building comes into view.

No flash.

The colorful decorations extended throughout the entire structure.

Talk about a room with a view.

A chainlink fence that has become an iconic location for couples to lock a padlock to as a symbol of their everlasting love. The fence must be reinforced with how densely packed the locks are!

Sweet idea, no?

The tower looming ahead.

The entrance foyer.

Seoul from above. No clue which neighborhoods I'm facing, sorry!

L.A. is proximal enough to home to be a beacon of nostalgia from abroad. It's out that way!

Not sure what these were for, but they're visually stunning and more places should have lighting like this as far as I'm concerned.

Taking the cable car down, towards Namdaemun market…

Read about those adventures soon! :)

Have you been to Seoul? 

What did you think? ^_^

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