Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hong Kong Disney Land!

Hong Kong Disneyland is one among the company's international branches. Having worked at Tokyo Disney Sea for over a year by this point, I was able to gain entry into this park as an associate. Make no mistake, though- there's a healthy bit of sibling rivalry between the two parks and their employees! When asking about the time for the nightly fireworks display I was ensured that it was the best in the entire world, easily shadowing our Japanese neighbour's. Whether that holds true or not I can not say, as the weather was overcast and drizzly all day which could put a damper on the dazzle and in all honesty I didn't linger long enough to catch the fireworks. Living within walking distance of Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea I was able to witness their firework display every night from the comfort of my own home, which made catching yet another kaboom-show less enticing than exploring a whole new country. That all being said, they certainly spare no corners at this park and you can expect the magic to be in full swing. Approaching the park you're treated to the complete Disney experience, replete with Mickey shaped porthole windows in the train that shuttles you right up to the front gates of the park. 

And yes, Mickey and his friends are all there! Just like all the other Disney parks you can expect to encounter your favourite characters throughout the park, whether in the parade, rides, or a meet & greet. 

More photos below the cut!

After sharing this photo online I was informed by my coworker John that many of these images, if not all, were still his samples from years prior. He was working at Tokyo Disneyland at the same time I was working at DisneySea and for the same company. Ruh-roh...

After soaking in the magic it was time to hop back onboard the train with the Mickey windows and head out for the next adventure. 
Where to next?
Find out tomorrow!


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