Friday, April 1, 2016

Hong Kong: Day 2 breakfast & leaving the city

Day 2 in Hong Kong!
Ready, set go~

Started my day with a bowl of beef noodle soup at a small noodle shop down the street from where I was staying at the Harbour Hotel. I walked right passed the place before as it was hidden behind stalls so overflowing with produce I didn't realise there was an entire store front tucked away! 

I don't speak Chinese and what little kanji (Japanese symbols based off of ancient Chinese) I did know wasn't of great use, to be honest. I can recognise symbols like 肉 niku, or meat, and 麺 men, or noodle, so at least I had that much to work with but proficiency that surely does not make. Even though Hong Kong used to be a British territory, you shouldn't expect everyone to be proficient in speaking English and I certainly didn't. While some people could communicate quite well with me, there was still a lot of gesturing and patience involved from all parties. In this little shop there were sufficient pictures for me to point and eat and the servers tolerated my linguistic challenges well enough. That all being said, the food was absolutely delicious no matter what I had or where I stopped! The noodles above were chewy and springy in a flavourful broth and the meat was sufficiently cooked by the broth without being tough. After refuelling my belly, I stepped back out into the bustling streets of the Ladies' Market to venture forward into my day. After breakfast, I was heading to Hong Kong Disneyland, which will be it's own post tomorrow!

And we're off to Hong Kong Disneyland!
Check back tomorrow for photos!



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