Thursday, December 3, 2015

Japan: Shin-Urayasu & The HUB

Shin-Urayasu station is the next stop on the Keiyo line, a brief ride from Maihama. It's also the newer area of Urayasu, as denoted by "Shin" in front of the name, built up from landfill to create more land for the sprawl. There are many lovely hotels and restaurants in the area, and the shopping center connected to Shin-Urayasu station is full of lovely shops. I spent many a hard earned yen there! There's also a British themed pub called "The Hub" that's quite popular among the foreign residents of the area,  though there are many throughout Tokyo. I've met rugby players and watched the dramatic antics of the dancers there, though I only went a handful of times.
After all, I went to Japan to experience Japan, not try to recreate my experience in London. ;)

Gindaco! Ever tried Takoyaki? They're small round dumplings stuffed with pieces of grilled octopus and all sorts of savory yummies, like tempura batter crumbs (tenkazu), pickled ginger (benishoga) and more, then smothered in a thick soy-based sauce and other tasty toppings. They're one of my favorite quick snacks and they're also a great show as the adept chef uses chopsticks or simply small wooden sticks to flip the dumplings as they cook, ensuring a crispy round exterior and molten hot interior. Be careful not to burn your mouth!
This gent kindly allowed a photo as he worked. ^_^

There's also many KFC's around, so you never have to worry about missing your fix of fried chicken. I don't recall ever seeing macaroni & cheese on the menu, though… can't win them all, I'm afraid.

SALE! We present you the special day of the year, come on and find out your favorites!!
Sale banner in the shopping center of Shin-Urayasu. 

Or how about some aroma luxury with Hemp Coma?
"We looked for quality materials with rich aroma.
We have made this carefully and devotedly like parenting.
You will know it if you burn this incense."
In scents like Black Kiss! White Kiss! And Luxury Gold!

Eva Longoria promoting some mascara~
To be fair, this cosmetics counter was something of a girl's dream. So many beautiful products, so many top brands, such selection, much pretty.
After tiring of shopping, I decided to check out the Hub and grab myself an adult beverage.

The Shin-Urayasu Hub was tucked away in a hotel across from Shin-Urayasu station. 
The hotel itself was absolutely beautiful, though finding the Hub was a bit confusing the first time round. 

Once inside there were many familiar brands and beverages along with some not so familiar.

The Great Sound of Gospel.
The attitude towards our darker skinned brethren in Japan is a bit... convoluted.

Drink selection, broken up by points of origin. Yes, that is nearly $7US for a Corona. 

Octopus and potato pizza! Unique combination. I like the random photo in the top right, presumably the guy who made the recipe or something. 

Buffalo Chicken Wings!!!
Exciting moment for an ex-pat. I got to try the wings at a later date and they were pretty tasty, though not quite right. 
After satisfying my curiosity, I decided it was time to head home. 

With Christmas rapidly approaching, the hotel was in full holiday mode. Lovely!

All in all it was a lovely day of exploring my local area. 

Photos from 2011-12-13.

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