Friday, December 4, 2015

Japan: Shin-Urayasu Arcade

Taiko no tatsujin!!!
One of my favorite arcade games in Japan, it's essentially a rhythm music game except you get to wield drum sticks as big around as hot dogs and pound away on an oversized drum. It's a blast and the psychedelic animations that adorn the screen as you play just add to the experience. To be fair, Japanese arcades, often located near or on the top floor of multi-level shopping and entertainment centers, are pretty trippy on their own.

Who says you need to go to Vegas to hit the slots?

I don't know.

Heyyy, sexy lady...

Win yourself an Eva!

Purikura, or Japanese style photobooths, often have a lot of "beautifying" filters ^^; this one is "Lady by Tokyo", which I suppose sells itself by making you look classier and more sophisticated…or something. 

Ehh… x_x

How about an underage lolita doll for your room? x_x

You could win headphones for 100¥! That's $1US. I doubt many people succeed on their first go, though. ;)

More underage girl figurines… x_x

Tony Tony Choppa!


Dragon Ball representin'.

This was just the arcade, my next post will focus on the rest of the shopping center. 
Let me know your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you!


photos circa 2011-12-19

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