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Tokyo Disney Sea 2012-04-26

For two and a half long years I worked my tail off at Tokyo Disney Sea.

Despite working in the park, I was never allowed to explore beyond my area and I most certainly never got free entry into the park. There are strict regulations about costumes and the regions they inhabit so you'll never see a Mermaid Lagoon employee in full costume hanging out in the Mediterranean Harbor. 
Because I worked for Arribas and not Disney directly, I couldn't even use the Disney employee parking lot for my bike. I got an awkward warning from a guard one night and a note I couldn't read.


But it was still worth taking the time to visit the place I worked at, at least once!
So one overcast spring day my friend Yuka & I met up at the guest entrance of the park we worked in.
After dutifully (albeit grumpily) paying our $45-50 some odd bucks (with a local discount), we entered for a day of fun. Our friends Noriko & Naoko were both working, but promised to meet up with us when their shifts ended. 
By the way, did you know that the Japanese Disney parks are cheaper than their U.S. counterparts? Now you do!  Not everything is more expensive in Japan. ^_^

Oh glob, the HUMANITY!
We're being eaten alive!!!
Hehehe ^_^

My location was here, in the Mermaid Lagoon, right in front of the sleepy whale, pictured above attempting to devour us with eyes half open. 
Sometimes Prince Eric would come waltzing out, sometimes his dog Max (who was massive), but usually good old Goofy (in swim gear!) and Donald (also suited up) would come wandering through, a trail of shrieks and squeals following their progression.

Lunch. roughly $20...salmon with an awesome tomato/onion/caper sauce and perfectly cooked veggies, corn potage, iced coffee, seafood salad [lettuce, seaweeds, shrimp, some octopus and some salmon with an onion-esque dressing] and rice. Pretty filling but I still capable of moving. Yay!

The S.S. Columbia!
True Story: there's a ride in this area called "Turtle Talk", where guests enter a theater and are given an opportunity to talk with some of their favorite characters from Finding Nemo. Being called Turtle talk, you can probably guess which character takes the lead: Crush (or Ku-rush-ii)! 
When one little girl was given the mic, she asked Crush what his favorite food was.
"Kurushii-san no suki na tabemono ha nandesuka?"
"hmmmm… KOMBU!" (seaweed!)
He chuckled, then asked what her favorite food was. 
Without missing a beat, she squeaked "Burrokkori!"

Due to the rainy, inclement weather, the fireworks show was cancelled.
Naturally, the one day I go to the park and could actually see the fireworks from the perspective of guests ^^;; alalala…oh well, such is life. I got to see the fireworks nightly, anyhow, because of how close I lived to the park so I couldn't be too disappointed. 

It was a lot of fun! At the end of the day my legs were jello from all the walking!
I would go again someday, especially now that I have a much better camera ^^; but now that I've notched another park off my belt, I don't feel any imminent need to go again. 
Maybe next time I visit Japan~ it would be fun to take Antho to the park I worked at! 
Have you ever visited the park? 
Which Disney parks have you visited, and which was your favorite? ^_^
I'd love to hear from you!


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