Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloweenies in Japan 2012

Halloween isn't typically celebrated in Japan. It's not a traditional part of the culture, though dressing in costume is obviously a much loved hobby for many Japanese. It's not really surprising that after appropriating Christmas (it ain't about Jeebus in Japan, I can tell you that much) the next holiday to gain momentum would be Halloween. Who doesn't love an excuse to dress up and have fun?!
While I encountered some festively dressed folks on my way to work, the real Halloween hijinks were to be had at a party with coworkers afterwords. 

Several of my coworkers were Americans as well, so we had our own version…which involved watching Nightmare before Christmas in Japanese. My favorite Japanese version song was "What's This?!", though, as Jyakku shouting "NANDA?! Nani-?!" repeatedly amuses me.

It's…something, alright.

I encountered these goobers on my way out of work. They were fun!

A Jack-o-lantern was mandatory, of course.

Kanae-chan & Yuri-chan, almost ready to burst with her daughter Sumire!


Ishizawa sisters in matching masks~ 

Steve's chili! Yummy!
It's interesting having something so traditionally American with Japanese beans. Changes the texture some, but it was lovely!

Azusa & Misaki (wearing my spirit hood ^^;)

Everyone in! Me, Kanae-chan, Misaki, Jisel, Azusa and Mari!

Me & John, a talented silhoutte artist. When I visited Hong Kong Disney they were using his silhouettes on the displays even though he hadn't worked there in quite a long time. XD

Steve, the host of the party!

Cats and dogs! Grr…

Happy Halloween!

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