Monday, November 23, 2015

Japan: Lunch in Ginza with A-chan 2012-11-29

Girl's day out in Ginza with A-chan!
Ginza is a beautiful upscale neighborhood of Tokyo.
A-chan had heard great reviews about a restaurant in the area from friends, so we decided to try it for ourselves.

Beautiful decor!

A Scandinavian inspired feast!
Fantastic presentation.

Shrimp and white asparagus on a sliver of dark moist bread, alongside what I believe to be a type of Liverwurst or liver spread served with thin slices of cucumber and a flower petal. 

A bit of fried fish with light white toast and a salsa or relish, alongside a rounded bit of bread with boiled potato, bacon and herbs. 

Tiny plants~ 

Dessert, the daintiest little slice of cake ever. Delicious! 

Nice tea to warm up with after~

After lunch we explored the area further taking in the lights and doing some shopping, I'll be sharing those photos tomorrow!

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