Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Japan: Ginza Illuminations & shopping 2012-11-29

A-chan asked a helpful police officer for directions inside the Police box!
Not just for Doctor Who anymore Police Boxes, aka Koban, are a common occurrence in urban Japan. Positioned throughout communities in an effort to make police readily accessible, they're also willing to help lost travelers find their way, some more happily than other's. 

Pop music is growing ever more global, as evidenced by Michael Jackson & Psy here.

Found a copy of The Beatles' Abbey Road in a Japanese record store! Score!
Too bad I didn't know anyone who actively collected records back then...

The walls of their music shops are not boring.

Neither are the interiors of their restaurants!

This happy sumo wrestler with fruit just warms the cockles of my frigid little heart! D'aww.
So cute, don't you just want to pinch his little cheeks?
Check out the sweet robot on his ensemble in the left image!

Bonzai display in the land of bonsai…but check out the size difference with the bike!

Creepy ass mannequin and a goober in a hat. 

A local politician was standing atop the van with a megaphone, making his spiel for any passing ears who happened to overhear. 

We ended up in Hibiya Koen, where I'd gone recently with Kazu~ 
The fountain lights up in an array of lovely colors throughout the evening hours. 
Despite being in a relatively busy area of Tokyo, the park was quiet and empty, with only a couple of other people walking through sporadically. Pockets of peaceful respite in the megacity. 

As the wintry chill was rapidly encroaching, we packed in for the evening shortly after. 

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